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Keeping a Gun for the First Time.
September 8, 2021

TIPS FOR GUN OWNERS FOR THE FIRST TIME Whether you grew up around guns or have never picked up one before, being a Gun Owner for the First time is an exciting milestone in your life. But as a gun owner for first time, there are a lot of things you need to learn to make it your most exciting time and sustain it for years to come. To support you, Tactical Arms has compiled some tips Gun owners (for the first time). Home Work before going to a...

The ZEV OZ9 Handgun is something more than A Cheaper Glock?
August 28, 2021

The ZEV OZ9 Handgun are some things quite a less expensive Glock? Here's All What You Need To Know: ZEV probably saw the opportunity to take the reasonable next step and combined their upgrades into a pistol of their own design which can go on, without being as obliged to the necessity to figure with most regular Glock parts. At a price point of around $1700 , the OZ9 is cheaper than many custom Glocks. As ZEV Technologies is understood...