The Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun
Is A Good Guy With A Gun

We Are
Tactical Arms

We Are The Largest And Most Reliable Firearms Dealer In Pakistan.
We Are Dealing In Following Categories :-


A gun designed for use by one hand, especially a Pistol or Revolver.


A gun, having a long spirally grooved barrel which have Greater Accuracy over a Long Distance.


a smooth bore gun for firing small shot at short range


Ammunition is the Material Fired, scattered, dropped or detonated from any Weapon.


Up-gradation Products for your Shooting


There is a saying ” Buy a Gun for $1,000 and Buy an Optic for $2,000″

About Us

We, Tactical Arms are well known for our fair dealings and our unbeatable prices. We are established since 2005.

Tactical Arms buy, sell, trade and deal in all types of Non Prohibited Bore Firearms and Ammunition including new, used, collectible products. We will take time to listen to your questions and then offer the finest solution that suits you. We know that buying a firearm involves immense amounts of time, money, and responsibility and we are there to help you make the best choice for the protection of you and your family.

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F.A.Q 's

Any permanent resident of province of sindh, a citizen of Pakistan not below the age of 25 years exception to this rule in respect to residence is for: armed forces, civil forces, federal govt employees, directors or senior management of public private limited posted or working in the province of Sindh. ineligibility reasons: guilty of an offence, suspected member of outlawed org, mentally or psychological unstable and not deem fit by police record.

Any eligible person may apply to the home dept or the relevant Deputy Commissioner of his domicile district or if he carries out any business there, under Form-1 available there,

Documents required:

– NIC copy dully attested
– Passport size pictures attested ( 2 on backside and one on faceside)
– Copy of domicile attested or proof of business in the relevant district
– Duly notorized affidavit o stamp paper of 100 clearing him of character and sound mind

Local police station will verify the credentials submitted with arms license application

Chief Minister, Home Minister, Home Secretary and Deputy Commissioner.

The D.C can issue provincial license only while the home department may extend he validity of license of whole pf Pakistan.

Within sixty days of issuance of license

After purchase of weapon with the licensing authority and within 15 day with the local police station, non compliance shall render the license to be cancelled.

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