The ZEV OZ9 Handgun are some things quite a less expensive Glock?

Here’s All What You Need To Know:

ZEV probably saw the opportunity to take the reasonable next step and combined their upgrades into a pistol of their own design which can go on, without being as obliged to the necessity to figure with most regular Glock parts.

At a price point of around $1700 , the OZ9 is cheaper than many custom Glocks.

As ZEV Technologies is understood for its upgrades for Glock pistols.

ZEV triggers, and their magwells and baseplates are used regularly in competition. But in early 2019, ZEV also started producing their own take on the Glock design: The ZEV OZ9.

How does the OZ9 develop on the Glock?

Is it really a practical pistol for the typical user?

The major alteration between the OZ9 and therefore the Glock is that the OZ9 moves the hearth control group into a metal “frame” almost like that found on the SIG P320.

This frame sets into the plastic grip, which allows the grip to be easily exchanged for one that the user desires. The internal frame itself also has some slight developments on the first Glock design, featuring slightly longer slide rails for increased theoretical accuracy.

However, the frame is almost the same as a regular Glock. The position of the trigger bar, extractor, and frame rails are almost just like a daily Glock, as an overlay shows. The ZEV OZ9’s slide also features a striker safety of an equivalent style as that of a daily Glock.

The reliability to the Glock layout is wise for ZEV as they’re used to optimizing parts and building a pistol around it. Switching to the steel frame layout and increasing the slide rails are the modest upgrades they might make while keeping the pistol mechanically an equivalent .

As for the pistol itself, the planning is clearly oriented for competitive shooting. There are substantial alleviating cuts all across the slide, which are inordinate for making the slide “track” faster for faster follow-up shots and less disruption of the sight picture. However, these cuts leave remains to simply enter the slide, making them but ideal for duty use. The pistol also features a deep optics cut that allows for iron sight observing at the rear of the slide. For all the changes, ZEV OZ-9 still takes regular Glock mags.

So why did ZEV make the OZ9?

Some competitive shooters joke that Glocks are great guns as long as you replace every single stock part in them. ZEV seems to have taken the idea and just worked on that.